Behind the scenes

Amy Sadovsky

Amy does all the artwork related to the show ,website and the Munster Zine magazine heck her artwork out

Pete Ahearn

Created concept of show and website with Matt ,9 months of constant work [ so easy to get things off the ground mentioning Matts name] working closely with Matt with weekly meetings to keep the show and website and all involved running smoothly ,running production of the show for all episodes and beyond ,main driving force behind the scenes .

The Randsta

For all his help on the website ,he has built and designed many websites ,and had his hand in several of my ventures ,now he is spending his days surfing and hanging out at his beach home ,thats why he is the Randsta


Charlie Barker


For her input and knowledge of music, photography and the arts, Charlie is a Melbourne-based photographer with a design background. Singer, musical saw player and tikiphile, Charlie is currently expanding an artistic profile, with the intention of building projects for exhibition. If she’s not singing, she’s taking a photo or obsessing about shopping trolleys…

Fred Negro

Officially the unofficial mayor of St Kilda. The legend who sings, paints, illustrates and generally documents St Kilda’s boho Rock cultureFred is moving landmark in St Kilda, marching at a clipping pace between pubs, venues and galleries wearing a confusion of animal prints, Collingwood (AFL football club) merch’, and psychedelic lycra. He always has his faithful stallion ‘Horsey’ in one hand and a bag of props and paraphernalia in the other.

Geoff Viking Lierse

As one of Australia’s most accomplished symphonic and chamber musicians, The  Viking can usually be heard raising the roofs of concert halls around the globe. As well as being the Associate Principal Horn in our Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Geoff is also a renowned soloist having performed concerti with the West Australian and Melbourne Symphony Orchestras. He is at the cutting edge of chamber music in Australia regularly sinking his teeth into works by Elliot Carter, Ligeti, and Brahms. Working with film composers Paul Grabowsky and David Bridie provides much enjoyment to Geoff. He is also a multi-genre multi-instrumentalist also playing Wagner tuba, theremin, violin, guitars, and five-string bass guitar. When not presenting virtuosic horn concerti, Viking also enjoys photography, running marathons, rock climbing, and red wine,and thanks for the theme to the show