Episode 3 of SMASH it up Melbourne comes to you from POME in Swan St Richmond. Our co host is Flash Ah Ha, best known for REM Gate { check the episode out to find all about this legendary gate} . Helen Cattanach is our special guest, preforming songs from throughout her musical life. Charlie Barker shows us her arts with Tanya Lee Davies ,scroll down for Tanyas work .Fred is back check his sketch of Helen Cattanach and the return of Geoff the Viking in episode 3 of Smash it up Melbourne

Episode 3 featuring special guest Helen Cattanach

Helen Cattanach ,solo ‘Like My Dog’

Helen Cattanach and Los Dominados , ‘News For You’

Helen Cattanach and Los Dominados , ‘Venus’

Helen Cattanach and Los Dominados , ‘ Cry’

The famous REM gate told by Flash Ah Ha


Charlie’s guest this episode is the gorgeous country/soul/pop singer/songwriter Tanya Lee Davies. Hot on the release of her latest single “Kiss Someone”, they met to discuss Tanya Lee’s collage-creating alter ego. – She even produced her own video clip and artwork for the single!


Tanya Lee has been creating collages since 2013 – starting with snow domes! – and along with her prints, has now branched into quality tea towels and cushion covers.

To keep up with what she’s up to, take a look at her website  http://www.tanyaleedavies.com and IG feed https://www.instagram.com/tldinternational/

Here are some of Tanya Lee’s great Artwork below



Eve before the apple


Atlantis Morrisette


Sheila’s leaf hammock


Deirdre’s garden bed


Frank & Claire – love in bloom


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