I first met Eduardo a few years back when he and his dad, legendary Aussie singer/songwriter Billy Miller played down the Snake Pit on Fitzroy Street. Since then ive seen Eddie many times, whether hes playing by his dads side, or his dads band, playing up front with his solo band or just by him and a guitar. His latest solo LP I Was Watching the Whole Time is out now on Spotify and is a cracking listen, more of a party LP as opposed to his other cracker LP Manifesting Deities. Me and Eddie met on a Saturday night at the Dogs where he/ll be launching his new LP on Friday 13ths of July.

Munster: Growing up was it the kind of house where there was always music in the home?

Edwardo: yeah was pretty handy aving guitars round the house all the time. Im one of the lucky ones. I had fenders just sitting there and dad would ask if I wanted a go, and of course I did. When I realised I was never gonna make the AFL I thought id make a go at music.

Munster: did you play footy at a high level?

Eduardo: Nah just at low levels. Played a lot but not at a high level.

Munster: was it the sort of household where musicians would be coming and going all the time?

Eduardo: Oh yeah. People like Horse and Wes from the Largies Sean Kelly the Models and all that crew all kinds of people, ive always had that in my life.

Munster: Stephens Cummings in an interview mentioned his sons and said that he told his sons keep music as more of a hobby than a career path, did your dad feel the same or did he feel different?

Eduardo: nah just always do what you want kind of thing. If you wanna play for the Saints do that if you wanna make records do that, I guess I went towards music because I was better at that.

Munster: the new LP I was watching you the whole time, what process went into making it?

Eduardo: we got Jerry Cola on drums, we went to his dads house and took it from there. And also my house as I ave a studio and pro tools just had a bunch of friends on board the more the merrier I say. I got my sister and a few of her mates, my cousin doing backing vocals. Stu Thomas dong some brass and my friend Alisa Scoot doing piano accordion as we do a pirate gypsy song.

Munster: did you play in the Gatwick Highlife for a gig or two?

Eduardo: nah I just drank with them.

Munster: Jack from the Gatwicks told me when he started that group when he was looking for members he thought more of blokes he liked and trusted, is that your philosophy for playing with people?

Eduardo: not really aving played with bands with my dad all my life ive been fortunate enough to play with seasoned musos. So I like the idea of being organized and playing like you rehearse. Ive been so fortunate to play with my dad we/ve done 1000s of gigs together and with our drummer John whose a gun and Bill McDonald I wanted to play with people I was comfortable with and also get a good vive, was chilled. Most people playing at the launch were part of the song writing for the two LPs.

Munster: you mentioned that this LP is more polished than your first album.

Eduardo: Absolutely I was doing the whole thing, producing and mixing with dad and his mates so you learn from the first one, this one we did more live drums as im better at that kind of thing its not easy to record live drums, you can/t just do it on your phone. You get better as time goes on, it’s a more accomplished album but the other one has grown its own way,. The first has more an evil vibe, wheres this album is a more experience of life, more a party album. Ive had more good and bad experiences since the first album

Munster: you mentioned that youre playing both LPs at the launch so is it kind of a Jekyll and Hyde kind of show with the good and evil?

Eduardo: yes. I don/t like the next song to sound like the last. I like diversity but its hard live as some song you can/t play live. But also I like doing an evil song that goes into a Spice Girls pop song, and I do like the Spice Girls Madonna and all that pop stuff.

Munster: Both your LPs are up now on the internet on Spotify and I Tunes but not in physical form, do you just want to be digital only?

Eduardo:  well it just seems the way of the world. I grew up in other bands, original bands, and youd burn off albums and do it that way. But ive cut a deal to get my stuff on Spotify and ITunes and it just seems thats the way things are going, you know the way of the world. I will make some copies for the launch, a lot of people like me who don/t ave Spotify like aving something physical in their hands, so good to do both ways.


Munster: Horse and Wes told me that they see no difference between an originals band and a covers band, do you agree with that?

Eduardo: totally my way of doing it, I love it, ive played gigs with Horse and dad and I like throwing some covers in the set, as it gives the audience a bit of familiarit, throw in a cool cover. Ive done a million covers with dad, thats how I cut my teeth, I like both and its fun for everyone. And I like how Horse and Wes ave do that, they/ve covered song by my dad, they like to pay homage to their mates bands and their music which is really beautiful.

Munster: Do you feel any different if you playing with your dad or in his band or playing up front with his own band?

Eduardo: with dad we both sing lead so we swap, I like both. We do a lot of harmonys  so we do a lot of songs where we sing at the same time, on the albums theres lot of harmonys, maybe too many but fuck it I love em. When I write a song I think how other people would sing and whether its harmony worthy. Or if its like an Iggy Pop or Nick Cave style where its just one guy singing

Munster: whats it like playing with Stu Thomas?

Eduardo: Love it, I love playing bass and ive never played bass in a band before. Ive been doing that for eight or nine years, bass is a different animal. Because im a short guy and I play Stus bass and its a big fender, its as tall as me. Stu writes cool songs and great bass lines.




Munster: do you prefer Bass or the six strings? 

Eduardo. Guitar anyway. But id be a singer first and a guitarists second.

Munster:  what great lessons did your dad give you?

Eduardo: endless lessons, the way to approach gigs, approaching songs, and working with other people, like teamwork kind of thing my dads a great bandleader, learned endless stuff from him. Also played with some weird guys with dad, you know. But when I played with dad a lot, I did a sound course, I thought that could be a secondary thing, because if im doing sound I want to be playing, but most gigs with dad I do the mixing which is great as your in control of the sound that kind of thing. Also pressure as people are yelling at you and I just want to play the gig. Its great for us as we can play anywhere and I can get the sound going the way we like it.

Munster: whats coming up next?

Eduardo: few more gigs with this band, im studding at the moment so pretty busy with that. And the Saints aren/t doing great so im busy watching replays of better times.

Munster: was gonna ask bout the Saints do you think you/ll bounce back next year?

Eduardo: I don/t know whats happening. I thought we/d be top four this season. I reckon we/ll be awesome next year because its like that with football now. Richmond and the Doggies ave had their fairy tale you can ave this year but next year its us. Unfortunately we/re playing Carlton on the night of them launch but i/ll watch the game and celebrate the win with a good gig.

Eduardo Miller launches i was watching the whole time at Dogs Bar, St Kilda Friday 13 July 9pm (two sets).



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