The Beat Taboo – The Beat Taboo (Off the Hip Records)

The Mummies once coined the phrase Death by Unga Bunga. If there was ever a band I would associated that term with in terms of sound it would be the Beat Taboo. A mixture of surf jungle and voodoo rock, the Beat Taboos debut full length sounds like it comes from the garage of the craziest share house in a jungle in far North Queensland surrounded by nickel and dime bars. The group consists of an ace selection of players from round town. The two guitarists consist of Shannon Driscoll and Yolanda DeRose, both ave their own excellent stylings that jell well together, weather its shredding or playing the same note again and again. Also helps that Yolanda of Dollsquad and Mass Cult fame is possibly Melbournes best guitarist. Up from is Pang De Bauche who has a Tarzan meets Harman Munster vibe to him with a booming rock voice, Mick Batty on drums keeping the tribal beats going, and Chris Benette on the bunny bass with a garage meets jazz stylings.

Voodoo Beat sees the Mickster give us a groovy drum beat while the guitar is a mixture of surf and 60s Detroit garage. Cant beat that combo. Ride the Wave could be taken off a surf movie directed by David Lynch. South of the Border makes a reference to beer. Thumbs up. Cat Lady Man has a jazz bass riff vive to it, the cat prowls sound like the cat sound effects you can find on a Goon show sound effects comp. That is about has big a compliment I can give. Also the line im the black cat across your path is as big a diss you can give someone. I do find the like your my scratching post to be quite sweet. Death of Studley tells a tale that will never ave me reaching for the whisky bottle again. Lick my Wail has an ace fuzz box kinda guitar sound, real 90s Melbourne rock sound to this track. Splinter Beach sounds like every dodgy northside venues thats open till when the sun rises the next morning. Six minute closer takes us to Splinter Beach, its doesn/t sound like those nice beaches you saw on all those 50s Elvis movies.

Ten ace tracks that takes the basics of garage rock and throws in a different genre in each song means you/ll never hear the same thing twice on this CD. A brilliant ace release id been waiting on for a while, aving seen these guys at their premier gig at the Old Bar on Paddys Day last year, they became one of my favourite live bands after that gig, still are. Now they ave a strong first time recording to sit nicely with that title as well.

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