Grindhouse – Can i Drive your Commodore? (off the hip records)

From the rock n roll caves of Reservoir comes LP number three from Grindhouse and its even better than their previous releases, and thats saying something as 2016s Crazy Pussy was in Munsters top 10 records of the year. Their unique sound is kinda like what the Supersuckers or Dwarves would sound like if they came from Melbournes Western suburbs. And lots of Holden references. Plenty of that. Fans of early 90s American garage will love this. Kinda Cosmic Psychos but more car than beer references and without the yobness. I must say I was disappointed in what I thought was the original LP cover which was a bloke in a tux standing next to a commodore, I thought god what a shit cover. Turns out it wasn/t, the actual cover has Peter Russell Clare shirt off flipping the listener off, its possibly the best LP cover ever.

Peter Brock Built my Hotrod is an open love letter to the former king of the mountain that is the kind of song that could only come from an Oz rock/punk band. Sure Americans ave written songs bout there sporting heroes but writing a garage/punk tune bout a motor racing icon is something thats really Australian and not seen elsewhere. Could be wrong but thats what I think.

Shit Cocaine is a short Dwarves style number, and anyone who has snored the title can relate to the lyrics and the tragedy that goes with it all. The title track is a reminder why Holden is the superior brand to the old Ford/Holden rivalry according to the band. I ave fuck all interest in cars so no comment from this reviewer.

Crazy Pussy featured a song called Peter Russel Crake, and this LP continues the PRC theme with Wheres the Fucking Cheese. An ace tribute to probably the only celebrity chef thats worth giving a fuck about. Reservoir Meth and Western sounds like a pretty wild night in Melbournes West. I Fucking Love you Gary starts with the fast n loud guitar licks on previous tracks but half way through blows me away with an ace Thin Lizzy style riff, goes well with a beautiful words bout the importance of mateship.

Closer Death of the Australian Car Industry is a sad reminder of the industry and whats left of it in Australia. And by whats left I mean fuck all. As mentioned above I ave fuck all interest in cars but Australia was a world renowned car making country and it appears its all gone. I knew nothing of Broadmeadows but I knew there was a Ford Plant there. For industry that has been good to this country the country hasn/t been good to the industry. And again who is singing bout this stuff? No one but Grindhouse. Punk with working class morals. I love it.

Ten fun loud rock n roll garage at its best, funny thumping and thought engaging, the way rock should be. Already shaping up to be in my end of year best of list, these lads just keep getting better and better each release.

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